Confession of Faith

We confess the Nicene, Athanasian, Pauline and Apostles creeds in the sense and understanding which the Church has always confessed. We condemn all errors in the Syllabus Errorum of Bl. Pius IX, the Lamentabile of St. Pius X, and profess the Oath Against Modernism. We believe all matters of faith and morals that the Church has always taught according to their particular Theological Note.

We confess the Declaration of Truths of His Eminence Cardinal Burke et al.

We confess the Immutable Truths about Matrimony of His Excellency Bishop Schneider et al.

We confess the Manifesto of Faith of His Eminence, Cardinal Mueller

The Second Vatican Council is the twenty-first ecumenical council of the Catholic Church.

We believe His Holiness, Pope Francis I is the Vicar of Christ on earth, to whom we submit with religious submission of mind and will. We do so with caution.