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The Rise of the Occult - w/ author Charles D Fraune

Brace yourselves for an invigorating conversation about the occult with Charles Fraune, an author with an extraordinary spiritual journey. Charles recounts his transformation from a 'hellbound pagan' to a fervent believer, an evolution sparked by a series of miraculous events during his darkest period, gripped by depression and anxiety. Tune in as Charles takes us across his faith journey, from hitting rock bottom to discovering divine providence and his entrance into the seminary in 2002. Our conversation dips into various complex subjects that Charles explores in his books, such as the resurgence of occult practices and the re-emergence of ancient gods in recent years. Ever wondered about the controversy surrounding yoga in Christian circles and the potential perils of Christianized yoga? Charles lays it bare with his insights. The discussion also delves into Charles's and his wife's exploration of the traditional Latin Mass and the profound impact it had on their spiritual lives. But our conversation transcends personal faith. We scrutinize the current state of the Catholic Church, its challenges, and the potential for spiritual renewal. The critical role of husbands and fathers within the family, paralleling the role of a priest, is also brought to the fore. Charles shares his thoughts on the call to embrace masculine virtue and the influence of symbolism in modern storytelling on Christian culture. This episode, packed with potent anecdotes and thoughtful discussions, will undoubtedly confront and inspire listeners on their faith journey.